Sunday, September 10, 2006

Good News Always Comes in Fives

Honestly, I've never heard this said, but the last two weeks have made me a believer.

1. I quit my job. August 25th was my last day. Luckily, I had script supervising for Sallie's awesome short and pre-production for my own short to fill up my next week, because I had to have something to do in between all the anxiety-induced super nightmares that followed. Strangely enough, even after waking up with a scary-fast heart beat after dreaming about being chased by angry natives through the African desert after getting off the NYC subway at the wrong stop, I never regretted quitting -- or reconsidered breaking my promise to myself to never, ever work another bullshit office day job again unless a starving child is involved.

2. CH asked me to marry him on August 30. And, of course, I said yes. I've been trying to figure out some clever way to announce this on my blog for the last week and a half, but for once, I don't feel like being clever. I'm just so happy. So incredibly happy. That's all.

3. We shot my short film, 15 Ways. We're still in post-production until this Friday, so I can't really paint a clear picture of the process yet, but check out what my fellow scribe and the most awesome Production Manager ever, Rob wrote about it here. And see what my other friend and playwright, Kyle, wrote about it here.

4. I got a new job. This is the really scary one, because I was absolutely not expecting this. But it's basically writing the weekend radio show, American Top 40 w/ Ryan Seacrest. Those of you who know me, know that this is the perfect job for me, b/c I basically love, love, love pop culture, and can't believe I now have a job that'll allow me to read US Weekly and other gossip rags without guilt -- because it's for work. Also it's more money than all of my past terrible day jobs, and the hours are fab, and it comes with bennies. So yea . . .

5. I'm Walking on Sunshine. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all this happiness. I feel very, very optimistic, and that scares me. But every so often I stop trying to process all my good news for a second and think: Maybe something bad will happen. Maybe the other shoe will drop. And maybe I'll still be happy. Maybe I'm growing up.

Or something like that . . ..