Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Busy as an etc

I mean way to busy to even be funny. It's kind of sad. Anyway, here's a really boring update of my exciting life.

1. Went to St. Louis with CH, and he met the fam. Highlights included:

a. The family picnic, where CH finally had real St. Louis BBQ.
b. Meeting the preemie twins my cousin gave birth to in July. They finally came home from the hospital the day we flew in for the picnic, and I can't explain how cute these babies were. So small. Like little cocoon things, but stronger now and curious.
c. Afternoon cheesecake with my two aunts who bicker like middle-aged versions of me and my sister. So looking forward to getting old and grumpy.
d. Dinner, cornbread, espresso, three-buck Chuck (add a dollar in the Midwest for shipping) and good conversation with my mentor and second mother, Mrs. Rowan and her husband.
e. Breakfast in the whitest part of St. Louis County with my father and stepmother. Yes, my father chose the restaurant. Yes, we suspect he chose it because CH is white. Yes, I'm still wondering how CH managed not to be offended.

2. Script supervisoring for my friend Sallie's short film. She was kind enought to send me this wonderful explanation of what it is exactly that a script supervisor does. And she didn't get mad that I asked her for a definition of what a script supervisor does 21 days after I agreed to take the position and three days before principal photography was set to begin. Man, that chyck is cool.

3. Script supervisoring for my own short film, "15 Ways to Dump A Girl," which we'll be shooting over Labor Day Weekend. CH is directing. Rob Ripley is PMing. Kalimba and just about every male actor I know is starring. Should be tons of fun. Will keep you posted.

4. Caught a cold on Monday, and acted a fool for three days. Though, I did not claim tuberculosis as I did during the Great Three Day Flu Scare of 2002, I did repeatedly beg CH and Sallie and Hettie Banger to "get a rifle and put me down like Old Yeller" during the worse of it. But yeah, I'm feeling better now...

5. Halfway through my novel. Yea! 150 more pages to go...

Okay, that's all.


Lucy BB said...

It's script "supervising" (not supervisoring), and it's a hell of a tough job. I have a book all about it if you want! You're going to be the go-to gal for answers on every tiny detail of the film. (I tried and failed at this job. I mean, come on, how am I supposed to remember if the lead actress blew her bangs out of her eyes before or after the word "the" in the lead actors dialogue??? Who cares?)

RB Ripley said...

"So looking forward to getting old and grumpy."

Um, hello?

Rakiyah said...

I could have sworn you were grumpy when you were 12..scratch that..I KNOW you were but *gasp* you're actually mellowing with age.