Monday, October 30, 2006

Is it just me?

Or does Knott's Scary Farm sound like "Not Scary" Farm when you hear it advertised on the radio?

Not that I'm planning on going... it just kind of seems like bad marketing...

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Anonymous said...

Ernessa, didn't you/don't you partake in national novel writing month? If you're interested, a fellow radio DJ is hosting a few authors to read excerpts on her wednesday morning show:

You may also want to tell listeners that starting on 12/20 I'll be
continuing the annual tradition, begun 2 years ago, where writers who
have completed 50,000 words of their novel during National Novel
Writing Month will be reading excerpts from their novels during
UNBEDTIME STORIES, for the next 2 months.
Many thanks,
Ann Arbor

If you made it to 50k and want to call in (unless you feel like drivin up), lemme know! -vinny from zhongguo