Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pictures and other stuff

I've never been a fan of having my picture taken, but that's kind of unavoidable at weddings -- seriously I don't know how celebrities do it all the time, because by the end of the day, Christian and I vowed never to have our picture taken again. Anyway, I got an unasked for lesson in modeling that day, because photos like the one above taught me that I should always show teeth when I smile. Otherwise, one of the happiest moments of my life could easily be mistaken for "that time I sucked a lemon." Here's my solemn promise that I will proudly show off my gap, which I actually love, in pictures from now on. Lesson so learned

Okay, I kind of thought that my return to blogging in June wasn't all that spectacular, but I've been begged fiercely by multiple (read: 2) people over the last few weeks, so I am posting again by hugely popular demand.

First things first, a wedding blog is so daunting, so I've decided to post one wedding pic at the top of each blog with a little anecdote. And if you want to see more pics you can go to our flickr account here. Or if you want to see the professional pics, check out our wedding photographer, Jihan Abdalla's take on the event here -- the password is "ernessa"

Second things second, the honeymoon was FANTASTIC. Christian and I planned to kayak, hike, and take a helicopter ride around the island. And here's what we ended up doing: reading by the pool, hanging out in the hotel room, taking one whole 3-hour hike halfway through, then buying more books, after making a firm decision to spend the rest of our honeymoon reading more books by the pool (lava flows and mai tais very much included) and hanging out in the hotel room. So pretty much it was the best honeymoon ever.

Third things third, a few more updates. I FINALLY finished the rough draft of my novel. SO excited. Yea, 21! Now for 21 days of rewrite. Sigh.

My friend Sebrina just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, which she named Madison.

My friend and fellow playwright Kyle is rehearsing a play right now for UnKnown. Can't wait to see it.

And Filly Film Cult has a super-exciting event coming soon, so stay tuned for the details.

Talk to you soon,


frank's wild lunch said...

It's about time!

And that's a nice picture of both of you! I have the smiling-with-teeth anxiety myself, so I can relate.

Zacki said...

Yay, she blogs yet again! You look great in the pics. Glad to hearthe wedding and honeymoon were both a big success. =)