Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm SO excited! (Updates and other stuff)

Patti LaBelle's got my back on these two items:

Last April, I performed on stage for the first time since I graduated from undergrad at a Spark! Storytelling Event. And apparently, the producers have a thing for nervous, stuttering black chicks, b/c they've asked me to tell the story again for their 6 Year Anniversary event, NEXT THURSDAY ON SEPT. 20TH at the Santa Monica Public Library, which I hear is a really nice venue. And check this out: It's FREE! So go here for more info about NOT buying tickets. Nice!

Also, if you're a filmmaker in Los Angeles and want to take part in The Filly Film Cult's next event the "Silent Night Film Festival" as a participant, go here to fill out an entry form. For the rest of you who would just like to attend the festival on October 13, 2007, keep your eyes on this blog.

Am also excited about 21 MORE days of rewriting, one year on the jobby-job, The Southern California Writers Conference and the new Fall TV season. Have gone from missing TV during my self-enforced summer hiatus to becoming zen about it to just wanting a decent TV show to watch again. CH and I got rid of HBO and Showtime in a fit TV ennui, and it's been a ridiculously productive -- but lame for any kind of TV watching summer. Though we did finally get though the last season of Soul Food. Yea, B.E.T. Jazz!Link
Most looking forward to: Dirty Sexy Money (well-written and has the fellow Fillie, Sallie Patrick connect!), Carpoolers (saw the pilot and it was funny!), Gossip Girl (catty!), and Reaper (I don't know why!).

Also, have seen the original "Cavemen" pilot. Please see the picture above for my thoughts on that trifling-ass show.

Also, a few of you know that I've been taking "The Finishing School" class at The Writing Pad in Silverlake. This place offer classes for people who are too laid back/far away for UCLA extenstion, but too disciplined to just drift along by themselves. This week is my last class, but I've already signed up for the October session. It's made me realize the fun of writing again, and they serve you food during class -- hello! Plus, I LOVE that it's a mixed-medium class, so you never know if you're going to workshop a novel chapter, a short story, a screenplay, or poems from week-to-week. Go here for more info.

Alright, that's all for now... sorry, the simpsonizer wasn't working.

110% Love,

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Deb said...

Wish I could make it to the show on the 20th, but there's not way I'd get to SM by 7. Break a leg!