Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11 Things You May or May Not Want to Know Right Now

Hey Guys! A few things...

1. I'm in the process of moving my blog to a more serious service and engaging a designer. So if you know any good designers, send their names my way.

2. Just joined Facebook. If you're on it, hit me up. And if you're not, turn back from this road of evil. CH finally got me to sign up for it, and I'm already scarily addicted. I've actually been comparing it to a story I had once read, in which this girl's boyfriend convinced her to try heroin, cue the downward spiral.

3. If you visit one site on my blog roll, hit up Stereohyped. It's run by Lauren Williams, the sister of Tia Williams, the woman behind "Shake Your Beauty (also in my blog roll)," and it's beyond smart and fabulous. I love my sister, but if I had a chance to be part of the William's family, Liz might get an introduction to the curb. I would say "just kidding," but I know that my sister never reads by blog, which is yet another reason to maybe jump sibling ships.

4. "Talk To Me" is out on DVD. Please rent it, so that I can keep you on my friend list.

Quote from my August 18, 2007 post:
"TALK TO ME" ... If you haven't seen me since I saw this movie, then you probably don't know that I've decided not be friends with anyone who hasn't seen this film within three months of it coming out on DVD. I (obviously) ADORED it, for too many reasons to properly name. So if it's playing in your city, do our friendship a boon, and go see it.

5. Halfway through my novel rewrite. Hope to clock serious time on it during the holiday season.

6. "American Gangster" is highly recommended. It starts off with Denzel setting a man on fire then shooting him several times, but somehow I walked out of there, convinced of the power of hard work and determined to organize my time better.

7. "Dan in Real Life" is also highly recommended. And now, I'm officially in love with Juliette Binoche. But the desire that I have held since college to hear a white parent say to their off-the-crazy-hook-acting-a-straight-fool white kid, "Hey you are the child, I am the adult. You need to calm this sassing back shit way the fuck down" has yet to be satisfied.

8. No, I'm not out of work with the strike. Radio Writers are in no way affiliated with the WGA, but I do support it. My friend, Clark, is writing about it much better than I could over at clarkblog, so do hit him up. He also has a great post on what you can do to support if you don't have time to walk the picket line -- hint, it's easy -- just don't watch your favorite programs online.

9. The raccoons kept coming back, and now we've got this door that only opens when it senses the little electronic doo-hickey on our cat's neck. I can now sleep easy at night.

10. Super Huge Thanks to all that came out to the Silent Film Festival. Fun was supposedly had by most. And I'll be posting the film that I directed in the coming week.

11. An Arclight just opened up across the street from where I work in Sherman Oaks, further convincing me that life really is beautiful.

That's all.

110% Love,


Anonymous said...

Love Stereohyped and the Williams sisters myself. Great post!

Kyle said...

RE #7, I'm sure my parents must've said that to me at some point in my development, although minus the profanity.