Monday, October 24, 2005

The Frickin NYT Crossword

Current mood: angry

Warning: Lost First Season spoilers to follow.

So I'm settling in for an uber-exciting post-play night of the Sunday crossword puzzle and Lost, and . . . I can't find the damn puzzle.

I look in the Style section, the Arts & Leisure section. Then I look through every section of the paper like twice. Boone dies on the episode of Lost I'm watching. Jack apparently is or was married. And I still can't find the dang puzzle.

Now I'm mad, because

a) Doing the crossword was going to be the highlight of my sad, sad Monday night.

b) This seems to happen all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've found myself having to do an epic search of the entire paper for the crossword. And I wonder why the NYT can't just post an announcement on the front page of the NYT that states where the goddamn puzzle is. I'm seriously upset about this as I type. And believe me, I have better things tp be  upset about -- like the fact that I have two really expensive writing -intensive degrees and I just constructed this gramatically-shit sentence.

c)Now I'm too upset to read the rest of paper, so if that was the NYT's intention in hiding the puzzle every week, then it's failed.

Today I feel like one of those uber-realistic French films where nothing happens for so long that small things begin to feel really epic.

Maybe I'll move to Paris and do a lot of regular things while wearing a brightly colored scarf. Ooh-la-la.

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RB Ripley said...

I've canceled my netflix rental of Lost, thanks.

Kidding. How'd the crossword turn out? You've got people hangin' here, hon.

Ernessa T. Carter said...

Dude, I never found it! I'm still upset, and it's fricking Wednesday. etc

RB Ripley said...

Well, try Wednesday's!

sallie said...

don't worry, ernessa. boone comes back. he lives in the hatch and has polar bear cubs with the woman who jack was married to. polar bear cubs are so cute!

i didn't know you had a blog on blogger. very cool.