Thursday, October 20, 2005

Two Outta Three Ain't Bad - Grown-Ups Closing Weekend

So yesterday, Baxter the kitten, peed on my skirt while I was in the shower. And because I've fallen into the habit of taking my allergy medicine at work, I didn't realize this (read smell this) until the Flonase spray set in.

Apparently, my computer's on the blink. It keeps starting up to a blank screen, and it's probably not the logistics board, because I sent it in to Apple for that in the Summer of '04. And it's definitely not the backlight, which would be relatively easy to repair, because when I hold it up to the light I can't see my desktop. So it's . . . I'm not sure yet.

But I'm pissed, b/c though I'm a diehard Mac fan, this is the second major problem I've had with my Ibook in less than three years. Whereas the brick of an IBM thinkpad that I bought used from my best friend Monique, went through two owners and seven years without one problem.

And this after my less than three years old Ipod went the way of the wooly mammoth due to firewire problems in July.

Is it me, or is Apple making gadgets that are littler, quicker, cleverer, and breakier than ever before? Would seriously like to hear everybody's thoughts on this.

But check, check, check it out. My play Grown-Ups on the Playground, got an AWESOME "Recommended" review from the L.A. Weekly.

So since, this is closing weekend, you should definitely come see it if you haven't already.

And if you're looking for something to do after the show, consider having drinks at my fellow derby doll, Pocket Rocket's place: Bar 107. Seriously, it's the best bar in Los Angeles. And dude, I've been to a few bars...

That all said, here are the play FAQs:

How Do I Get Tickets?

Edgefest makes it so easy for you to buy tickets. You’ve actually got THREE options.

1) Buy Online at

2) Buy over the telephone by calling (310) 281-7920

3) Show up early and purchase tickets at the Edgefest Box Office.

When might I see the show?

October 21st,22nd, & 23rd ?*Show begins promptly at 5:15 pm

Where’s it at?

At zee fabulous Los Angeles Theatre Center, which is located at 514 S. Spring St in Downtown L.A.

How much?

$10/Friday $15/Saturday & Sunday

Awesome, can I bring a friend?

Grown-Ups is general seating (first come, first sit), so bring a friend along, even if you’ve already purchased your ticket online. But don’t bring the kids. This show is ADULTS ONLY (18+).

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