Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Is one of my favorite shows on television.

And I’ve tried and tried and tried not to mind, but after six years, I feel that I just have to say:

It seriously bothers me that one of the seemingly smartest, most liberal, most progressive shows on television

Has a writing and correspondent staff made up entirely of white men.

And Samantha Bee.

Who I believe is 10 times cleverer than Robert Corddry, yet gets about a tenth of the air time that he does.

Maybe less.

Organizations with more diverse of a staff than the Daily Show’s core team:

The current Republican Administration.

The 700 Club team.

The Jane Austen Society.

The Fox News Team

About every single organization of the Daily Show’s size and power in the United States of America.

Even their “special correspondent” Lewis Black …. Is White.

I mean, come on.

Even more disturbing, other liberal or progressive shows that have about the same amount of diversity as "The Daily Show."

1. Real Time with Bill Maher: no chycks, no people of color.
2. Left, Right, and Center: All dudes and Arianna Huffington. When Arianna (the progressive) goes on vacation, she's not substituted. In my eleven months of listening to the program, Bob Scheer (the Left) and Tony Blankley (the Right) have always been replaced by white men, when they have to take a vacation. And as far as I can tell, a person of color has never darkened their microphone.

That all said, super congratulations to The Daily Show’s newest contributor:

Nathan Corddry.

Yes, the little brother of Rob Corddry.

Way to go, Daily Show.

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