Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pacific Recluse - 7,500 words

Okay, I didn't get as many pages done as a I wanted to yesterday, but I am starting to feel good about what I'm writing, and that's good.

Even better, after finally accepting that I would never hear from my absolute favorite public radio show, Pacific Drift again, I found a NEW EPISODE in my downloaded podcast. Luckily what I do is so incredibly boring it puts me in a only-slightly-lucid-coma-like state, or I would have had a heart attack.

The episode was themed around Fear, and it featured among many others:

1. A former Mexican Mafia member turned state's evidence.
2. A kid that has to walk home from school in South Central every day.

and closest to my heart:

3. A deeply neurotic, hypochondriac writer, who doesn't have insurance.

Brilliant, I say, brilliant! In fact It was so good, I almost forgave them for for abandoning me all Summer and frickin' Fall . Almost.

But it does kind of feel like getting back together with an ex that did you dirty. On one hand you're glad to finally have 'em back in your life. On the other hand, you're wondering what you're going to do if you get done dirty again.

Gurrrl, I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

... your fans want to see a picture of CH!

sallie said...

dude, i just listened to that hypochondriac writer's stream. i have a really hard time believing that a true hypochondriac wouldn't have health insurance. i think i'm borderline hypochondriac (i'd claim it full-on, but for complicated reasons which maybe i'll blog on someday, i don't) and insurance is my top priority.

also, i'd like someone to do a poll to prove that a majority of writers are hypochondriacs. and vice-versa.

Ernessa T. Carter said...

I beg to differ, Big Sal. I am a terrible hypochondriac (you'll remember the "consumption-possibly-tuberculosis" incident in grad school?), yet I went without health insurance for years. Actually, I think it's a lot nicer to be a hypochondriac w/o insurance -- then you can really stress yourself out. Dare I question your commitment to becoming the most neurotic writer you could possibly be? This absolute insistence on insurance makes me suspicious that you may be a little saner and definitely more practical than the job description would call for...

sallie said...

perhaps I am a little more sane than some writers, but I think my OCD and perfectionist neuroses slightly outweigh my self-destructive tendencies, therefore it makes sense that I'd insist on insurance. A few years ago, when I was more self-destructive, I may have agreed that no insurance would be the way to go. For now, I stand by my theory... I'll further expand on this in my blog in the next few days perhaps.

Anonymous said...

E-gad, Ernessa, you're not involved in that new Bravo TV show 'Rollergirls' are you? I don't think it's started yet, but their ads keep interrupting my West Wing marathons.

Ernessa T. Carter said...

No, Rollergirls is the Texas League. But do watch. I hear it's awesome.