Monday, November 07, 2005

New Blogs on the Block

Dudes, I know, that's a terrible title. But it's Monday, and I've spent all my creative energy wrestling with my novel. I really couldn't come up with anything else.

But believe me when I say, these two bloggers deserve better:

Cybele May has an awesome candyblog, which I try not to read, because it always gives me terrible cravings for sweets I can't get without money and/or effort.

She's also a playwright and has a writing blog called fast fiction-- which is awesome, because she's actually tracking her word count for National Novel Writing Month in a clever, analytical way as opposed to the desperate, neurotic, she-could-jump-off-a-cliff-at-any-moment way to which I've committed -- see upcoming posts.

The other blogger is also a playwright: Sallie Patrick, who I've been wanting to see start a blog forlikeever.

Anyway, my wishes can be your desserts if you check out her blog, The Fish in the Percolator.

She'll tell you about how she named her blog, where to get a Wonka Golden Ticket, and all sorts of other random stuff.

Weirdly enough, she's yet to mention that like the song, she's actually long and tall. But maybe that's another blog...

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