Monday, September 01, 2008

See CH Break 2 Bones Pt. 4 of 6 - Thursday

I spent Thursday, catching up at work. I was tired, starting to feel rundown. I switched back to caffeinated coffee in the morning. And that was only helping a little bit. 

I think life is a series of discoveries about your own character. Some things you fight against (I'm constantly on a vigilante quest against laziness, pride, fear, low self-esteem, and a host of other traits that I'd rather not harbor), and some things you learn to accept over time. I'm never going to be a tidy person who thinks before she speaks and watches PBS documentaries before going to bed at the same reasonable time every night. And though I wouldn't describe myself as selfish (most days), I am not a natural caretaker at all. 

I found it difficult to arrange my time around someone else's schedules and needs. I found myself trying to fit everything in and therefore getting nothing done particularly well. Also, my famously short attention span did not lend itself well to care taking. I kept forgetting to buckle CH in and let him out. And I was becoming increasingly addled. For instance I said, "Thank you" when I meant to say "Love you" several times to CH. I don't know why. 

But we didn't have any doctor's appointments or must-dos on Thursday, so I took a nap. And I immediately felt better.

Naps are good. 

And highly recommended. 

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