Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Karma Karma Karma Cornelious

Okay, as many of you know, b/c I've talked about it on this blog and Facebook a couple of times, our cat, Cornelious, though incredibly cute, also

a) was slightly feral when we got him,
b) won't let us pet him and runs away whenever we come anywhere near him, yet
c) insists on following us everywhere in the house, and
d) staring at us like a stalker, which is why
e) we recently acquired two new cats (we meant to adopt just one, but stuff happened) --  to offset his general creepiness.

Well, lo and behold, over 6 months after bringing him into our home, he suddenly decided to start loving on us out of the total blue.  He pushes our laptops out of the way, climbs over our shoulders, launching himself at us at a run -- he'll basically do whatever it takes to get petted. And has made an almost complete switch to being an aggressively lovey-dovey cat. 

We've applied Occum's Razor, and decided that he's either been 

a) Having deep, philosophical conversations with his new older brother, Brian about the benefits of human companionship (now that Brian is on the mend, we're finding out the hard way, that he is also aggressively affectionate -- he obviously went out of his way to hide this trait when he wooed us at the shelter). OR

b) Cornelious has been taken over my a body snatcher.

I'm leaning towards "B," becasue in Stephenie Meyer's The Host, the body snatching alien parasites start with the bees and observe us for some time, before taking over the humans.

So keep your eye on CH and me. If we start be way nicer than we used to be, you know what happened

BTW, 5 more days until the Fierce And Nerdy launch. Can't wait! Can't wait! 5...

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