Monday, September 01, 2008

See CH Break 2 Bones Pt. 6 of 6 - Saturday

This was definitely the worst week of my and CH's relationship so far. And of course, as with all "worst" things, it was also one of the best. 

I don't wish broken bones on any couple, but I do believe that the "in sickness" part reveals a lot about your relationship. It's easy to love someone when things are going well, but in many ways, it's even easier to love someone when they're down. When you're tired and addled with guilty pinch of annoyed and put-out, what I can only describe as this weird back-up generator of Love kicks in and does the work for you. So in a truly loving relationship, it's okay if you lose all of your poetry for a little bit, that generator has your back.

At least that's how it went with us. 

I feel a little silly, now that I'm wrapping this series up, because of course it is in CH's words every time someone tries to fuss over him, "just a broken shoulder and hand bone." And maybe that is all it is for him. He'll probably look back at this time negatively - after all, he's the one who had to go completely against his nature and depend on someone else for almost a complete week. He might remember that his wife, who never yells, got quite stern and/or passive aggressive with him on several occasions when he tried to do something he shouldn't by himself, gave her directions that she didn't need, asked her to do something without saying please. 

The interesting thing about relationships is that there are these constant discoveries. Over the last few months CH has found out that I used to have a Saturday radio show in college; that I'm not the fastest runner, but I'm definitely faster than probably 80% of my female friends; and that I am a stickler for "please" -- really it just drives me crazy when people don't say please.

And I've found out that CH is even more stoic, patient, agreeable and DIY than I was giving him credit for -- and you have to understand he already had a high-credit limit with me for those things before the accident. Now, I've got to upgrade him to a Black Amex card.

Anyway this is all to say, it was a crazy week, I hope that all of you get or have gotten the chance to have one of your own.

That's all,

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