Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good News Deserves a Good Movie

CH just got cleared to enter the 600 (aka The Director of Photography) union -- yea! It's a big deal, and I'm exceedingly proud of him. So instead of doing something scintillating like assembling our rehearsal dinner invitations, we're going to dinner and a movie to celebrate. Which reminds me that I haven't done any movie reviews in like a year. Luckily this summer is making it very easy for me.

SPIDERMAN 3: Sucked and was long and was unnecessary. But the last 15 minutes were good.

28 DAYS LATER: Had MASSIVE nightmares that night. So good. So scary. Still think about it from time to time and shiver a little.

SHREK THE THIRD: Both 1 & 2 were better. But I wouldn't mind a fourth. Even just-okay Shrek is better than most animated movies coming out these days.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: If urban sprawl could form itself into a pirate movie, this would be it. But I liked it, just because I turned off my inner-critic after the first 5 minutes and enjoyed the ride.

OCEANS THIRTEEN: Better than Ocean's 12. Not as good as Ocean's 11. Beautiful cinematography. Worth seeing.

Sorry, that's all I've seen so far. The 21 days of "not spending" kind of threw my movie-watching for a loop.

But right now am leaning towards "KNOCKED UP" for tonight. Partly because my boss has a cameo in it, but mainly because I've heard it's like Woody Allen good -- if Woody Allen's movies were a tad bit too long.

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