Monday, June 23, 2008


So apparently my Uncle Cornelious isn't in his 70's.

I found this out the hard (read: embarrassing) way at dinner at this new restaurant (read: tourist trap) called uWink at Hollywood & Highland.

The gag of uWink is that you order all of your drinks and overly rich food on a touch screen, which you can then use to play games with the other members of your party until said ordered food and drinks come.

Anyway, the concept which is still in the beta phase is really great, especially for tourist families, which are probably way over actually speaking to each other anyways. But the execution leaves something to be desired, in that the games all seemed to be so hard to use, figure out, and/or boring that you end up talking with your family anyway.

Which is how I ended up saying, "You're not the same age as Meatloaf, Uncle Neil."

Don't ask how we got into this conversation, just know that my favorite uncle is now questioning my math skills. "You thought your mama and me were over nine years apart?"

Well, considering that my mom was the oldest sister, and my uncle was the oldest brother of of nine, when he put it that way, it did seem it little crazy that I had just always assumed that he was the same older than my father, who's turning 70 in October.

"I should probably go back on my blog and say you're not 70," I said after a long, embarrassed moment of hasty (as I could) math .

"Yeah, you better do that," said Uncle Cornelious. Then he shook his head, seemingly stunned, bemused, and a little hurt at the same time. "I can't believe you thought I was in my 70s. I'm only 63."

So correction, everybody, Uncle Cornelious is only 63.

Though, my exhausted husband, who's been helping Uncle Neil drywall our downstairs all weekend was relieved. "At least I can stop feeling bad that I couldn't keep up with a guy in his 70s."

Yeah, I too, thought to say that not being able to keep up with a 63-year-old wasn't much better. But, I had already gotten myself into enough trouble.

And to be fair, Uncle Neil does seem to possess an inordinate amount of energy for a man of his years.

Anyway, the point is, don't eat at uWink. It might not be good for the family relations.

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