Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Tap Water for the Drought

If you have nothing else to watch (and I know you don't since it's summer), then this new ABC Family series, The Middleman*, is totally okay. Apparently, it's based on a comic book, by fellow CMU alum, Javier Grillo-Marxuach. And if you're like me (or are me), you'll dig that it's about a dry-humored ethnic chyck who likes comic books and ends up in the sidekick business. Think the animated series Daria meets Men In Black.

And if the show manages to solve it pacing, jokes-that-just-don't-work, and a-few-well-drawn-but-completely-miscast-side-character issues; then it just might be worth watching outside of the summer drought.

Anyroad, click on the pic, to watch the first few episodes for free:

*P.S. -- Thanks to Sebrina for hepping me to this show all the way from China. I think you're right about it having "great potential."

UPDATE: You can find an even more in-depth breakdown at Chris's Invincible Super Blog. Preview: He REALLY likes it.

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