Friday, June 13, 2008

Back for the Summer

So last year around this time, I blogged for 21 days straight up to my wedding, and then managed to keep this blog updated ALL summer.

Well, I finally secured a designer for my new and very much improved blog, which will launch this August, so I thought I should celebrate with a Summer challenge to keep the soon-to-be old blog updated until the new site is ready to go. Plus, I seriously need to get in writing shape for the new blog, since that one is costing me money and I'll definitely need to keep it updated (for tax write-off purposes alone).

And just in case that's not confusing enough, I wanted to kick off my umpteenth comeback with a retell of the strange (though fairly easy to decipher) dream I had last night. I would love to preface this by saying that I hate when people talk about their dreams and assurances that this dream is so special that I had to break my own rule not to be lame. But I can't b/c:

1. I actually love when people tell me about their dreams, as I get a kick out of trying to decipher them. I think I must have been some kind of shaman in a past life or something... And
2. I am lame. Obviously.

Look to the brightside. In the new incarnation of this blog, I'll be able to say things like "read about it after the jump" and then you can scroll down to the next item if you don't feel like reading about last night's dream. Yea for progress.

Anywho, here's the dream:

I go to a New Year's Eve party with all my friends from my all-women's college -- even the ones I no longer see/hangout with/speak to anymore. And they look like the college versions of themselves. I mean we're all wearing girly party dresses, and my friend, Sebrina has her hair in a big Afro, and my friend, Katie G. has long blond curly hair again. When we get inside, there's a great party going on and all my friends from Japan are also there -- again all of them look the way they look in Japan. We all start dancing. There's a really good band led my (for whatever reason -- but I'm absolutely not kidding) Tay Zonday. And we're all having a great time, but a few minutes before midnight, I realize that I'm cold and that I left my jacket at the house.

I run out into the dark and grab the jacket from the house I live in now. I get a little lost and confused, but eventually make my way back to the house with the party. However, when I get inside, I've missed the New Year's Eve countdown, and now the house is filled with my current friends -- mostly the L.A. Smithies, the Fillies, my friends from grad school, my husband, and a few of our mutual friends. They're all standing around and chatting and/or watching a Battlestar Galatica marathon on television. I'm sad I missed the countdown, but happy to be warm again.

I sit down on the couch next to my husband and say, "Ooh, a BSG marathon!"

Then I woke up to discover that I had stolen all the covers from my husband during the night.

Chocolate Rain...

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