Saturday, June 21, 2008

Open Your Eyes...

My Uncle Cornelious is in town. For reference, he was the tall charming-genarian at our wedding, grandfather to the wonder twins, and a major featuree in my first "Visting St. Louis" blog back in 2005. 

So I'm trying to figure out if this next dream is one in an angst-related series, or just a response to all the nostalgia that comes along with having your favorite uncle in town:

I am the same age I am now, but somehow back in college. I get invited to a birthday party for Vince P, an awesome guy from my study abroad in China program. I go, but get there too early. Lindsey Lohan and some other people I don't know are setting up bowls of chips and candy on top of tables covered in green tablecloths. Everyone from the China program starts arriving, and they look exactly as they did in China. I'm really happy to see them. But then Kenisha R, Yolanda B, and a bunch of other people from high school start rolling in, and I'm like, "How do you know Vince?"

I never quite get an answer to this question, but then the next thing I know, we're walking down to the beach, because Vince wants to watch the sunset. The thing is, all the party people have been replaced by my California friends. I'm walking arm and arm with my fellow Filly, Kalimba, and we passed a beached whale, and then a series of fantastically colored animals with horns -- which to my limited zoological knowledge, don't actually exist. K and I were impressed and kept on pointing the out to each other.

We eventually make it to a gorgeous white party tent, which has a long glass dinner table set up inside. Vince is there, but everybody else in attendance are people I know from California. We all turn to look up the sky, and watch the sun set. 

It's beyond beautiful. Full of striking colors, and replaced by a bright, silvery moon and then movie credits actually start rolling behind it. I turn back around to my friends, but I can't see them, because my eyes are closed. I tell them, "I think I've stared at the sun too long. I think I'm blind. I can't open my eyes." I feel them tapping me on the eyes, trying to help me open them. 

Then I woke up and opened my eyes.

So, I have a long history of recurring dreams, but haven't had a new set in over 3 years. But this is the third perfectly-pleasant party dream that I've had with people from two times in my life mixing, so I must assume that it's a new series. 

I recently read an article about how some scientists now think that nightmares are our way of processing our fears. So I wonder if these kinds of dreams are my way of processing my life, of looking back at it, now that I feel settled and happy. 

Anywho, more about Uncle Cornelious' visit in the days to come. 

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