Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Would Go See THE LOVE GURU This Weekend...

...but why watch Mike Myers officially go the lame way of the Dana Carvey Wooly Mammoth, when I could tool around town on my new electric bicycle or eat a bunch of old paste. Either activity, I'm sure, would be way more funny.

Still, under the new Summer Spending Challenge rules (which I'll blog about later) , CH and I can only see one movie a week. We're still trying to decide what this week's movie should be.

We've already seen...

1) Iron Man - beyond awesome. If you haven't seen it and loved it, then you're probably my agoraphobic grandma, in which case, you're excused, though my pardon doesn't really matter, since you don't have a computer, and if you did, you probably wouldn't read your strange granddaughter's blog. Anyway, this is all to say, everybody's seen it -- except Grandma Annie.

2) Chronicles of Narnia - at the El Capitan, and strangely enough, we became members of the extremely nearby Hollywood United Methodist Church less than a month after seeing it. Were we subliminally brainwashed? We may never know...

3) Indiana Jones - I have no zinger that would appropriately convey the ridiculous hot mess that was the last 30 minutes of this movie. Though, I did like the fire ants. Nice touch.

4) You Don't Mess W/ The Zohan - still trying to decide if this was kinda funny or just really offensive to Israelis, American Jews, Palestinians (as portrayed by John Turturro, Rob Schneider and Emanuelle Chriqui), senior citizens, hacky sackers, hairdressers, gays, black people with dreadlocks, and white C.E.O.'s. I'll let you know when I make my official decision.

Anyway, feel free to send me suggestions for what we should see next.

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