Wednesday, June 18, 2008

These Sunglasses Might Not Be Good for your Marriage

As many of you know, CH is beyond laidback, and it's just not in his nature to ever instruct me on what to wear, say, or do, unless compelled by questions like, "Tell me the truth, does this make my knees look droopy?" -- that's not a joke question, I actually asked him that two weeks ago.

However, as soon as I reached for a pair of yellow sunglasses just like these in a Pasadena store a few weeks ago, he started repeating, "No honey, no honey, no honey" over and over again, all the way through me picking them up, trying them on, and eventually putting them back without even seeing how I looked in the mirror. It was pretty intense.

PSA: If you're thinking of following the Kanye West "Stronger" video trend. Check with your mate first. S/he may have some strong feelings on the subject.

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