Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Quickie -- New Favorite Things

Our kick-ass new stove. If you haven't heard the stomach-turning story about what happened to the old one, buy a drink at The Quickie and ask me about it -- but not if you've just eaten.

Our kick-ass new refrigerator. Yes, it's currently residing in our dining room, but I have hopes and dreams about the catalog-worthy life filled with lots of refrigerator-door ice and water that we will live once it's installed.

Our kick-ass upstairs Moroccan light fixture.  CH made it light-bulb ready and installed it himself, while I oohed-and-aahed in the background. Everybody, if you can, marry a DP. 

Our kick-ass upstairs. After 8 months, it's finally looking ready, and our days of being that boring couple that can only talk about their on-going remodel may soon be over. In fact a little birdie has told me that we actually might be able to move in as early as (gasp!) this weekend -- though of course we'll have to put that off until next week, b/c we'll be at The Quickie. See you then. Click on the pic for more info and tickets.

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