Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday Quickie -- The Days Are Getting Longer

Okay, all the films are in, and my fellow Filly and festival coordinator, Sallie, has reported back that they are AMAZING! Hysterical, wonderful and beyond inventive. Apparently, this really is going to be our best experiment to date.

Normally, I'd be excited about this -- The Fillies knew the concept was festival gold as soon as we came up with it, and it's nice to see that we were right. But now, I'm feeling crazy-impatient, because I really want the weekend to get here. Upsetting but true -- Sallie doesn't allow anyone -- not even the other Fillies -- to see the full final product until game night, and I'm seriously afraid that the anticipation will kill me before Saturday.

But just in case I survive until then, do join us for the big event. We're giving you FOUR chances to see the films with showings at 6pm and 8pm on Saturday, March 22nd and Sunday, March 23rd.

Be there or be icky. Click on the pic for tickets and more details

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