Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday Quickie -- The Art of Art

Exhausting Saturday. But the for-sure highlight was hitting up the BCAM Inaugural Installation at LACMA with my fellow Smithies. I haven't been to LACMA since before they expanded the campus. And the new building is gorgeous. Clean and modern lines, but inviting and accessible. 

And even my in-the-know art friend, Karen, was mesmerized in childlike way by the clever elevator -- which is sort of like a cool floating room with wood floors and red and black accents. 

Totally worth seeing. Here are the pieces to seek out -- if you have my exact same tastes that I do:

Anything by Jeff Koons. You know how I love the bright colors.

Same goes for the John Baldessari installation. You know how I love the cynical words.

Also adored many of the Edward Ruscha pieces. You know how I love the ambiguous religious imagery.

And I also think the Damien Hirst "Away from the Flock" is worth seeking out. Yes, that's a sheep (lamb?) in formaldehyde. You know how I love hearing my friends say, "Ew!"

Robert Therrien: "Under The Table." This made me suddenly remember how much I used to love crawling under tables when I was a kid. You know how I love when art brings up forgotten feelings.

I originally spear-headed this LACMA trip based on a friend's (thanks Kimberly!) suggestion to see Chris Burden's Street Lamps installation (I was told not to call it an "exhibit" by an irate ticket seller/snob) -- and that was worth the price of a ticket. So do seek out all the Chris Burden stuff. Truly awesome, but not pictured here, b/c of the "justice" factor. 

But you know if you're more of a moving arts kind of fan, you should definitely come out to The Quickie. The film concepts that this theme has inspired will blow your mind. 100 % good time guarantee -- I can say this, because I've seen the alcohol budget. So do come out. Click on the pic for info and tickets.

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