Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Quickie -- Suffering for your Art

Apparently, little sleep + making a short in which 10 cigarettes are smoked 3 feet away from you + change of seasons + shady sinuses = Sick as a dog.

I woke up with a desert in my throat and a raw nerve where my sinuses usually reside. This is the first time I've been sick in almost two years. But unlike with past sickness, I didn't immediately conclude that it was tuberculosis or ask CH to get a gun and put me down like a dog -- I was tempted, but CH has informed him that it disturbs him deeply when I say things like that, so I just told him I didn't feel well. See, I'm growing up.

I actually had to call in sick, which I never do. But there are two things that give me solace:

1. CH making an early morning run for Halls Vapor-Action Lozenges, Thera Flu and Chicken Soup. Very sweet.


2. That suffering for my art will all be worth it when you guys all come out to The Quickie on March 22 or March 23rd. Click on the pic for details and tickets.

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