Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday Quickie -- Oh what a wonderful feeling...

Having not gotten much sleep over the past few days due to Quickie anticipation, it did occur to me that the actual event itself could be a little anti-climatic and that I should downgrade my expectations. But no can do, the film festival was AMAZING. Such a great hour of shorts. And our 8PM showing was absolutely packed with friends, disappointing porn and laughter -- and isn't that the best combination?

Normally at this point, I would be going through a pretty intense spot of after-project blues, but not just yet. We're having TWO more showings at 6pm and 8pm, tomorrow (Sunday, March 23rd). So you still have a couple of chances to come out cool, in the "be there or be square" equation.

Plus, I'm rocking green toenail polish these days, and I know you want to see that hotness.

Click on the pic for more info and to order your tickets online.

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