Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Quickie -- Restoration

Having somehow escaped from the dark clutches of death once again and after a hectic weekend of Quickie business, I decided to wind down at Urth Yoga's Sunday night Relax and Restore class, which was being substitute-taught by my fellow Filly, Kalimba.

Basically it was a bunch of relaxing poses and breathing in the dark, with some massage thrown in -- as promised, very restorative, very relaxing. Also, the space is gorgeous. It's a self-billed Eco Yoga studio, and apparently, everything's made of non-toxic and recycled materials. By the time I left I was feeling like the world was a good place again. Perfect way to end a weekend, and totally worth checking out if your in the area (Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, Korea Town). But don't go next weekend.

Next weekend, you have plans. Click on the pic for details and tickets.

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