Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Oh Why?

Why oh why haven't these bands released album on I-Tunes. I don't believe in downloading things illegally, but man, part of the problem with getting music suggestions from Perez Hilton, is that half the stuff isn't available in the States. Here are songs that I love, which haven't actually gotten a Stateside release yet. Ranh.

Adam Tensta - "My Cool": Who knew Swedish hip-hop was so much fun?

My Cool - Adam Tensta

Dragonette - I don't understand why can I find deep cuts from Nickelback on I-Tunes -- but only one soundtrack song from this (actually good) Canadian band. Anyway, download "I Get Around" if you haven't already, and check out their super-cheeky song, "Competition" below:

Competition - Dragonette

Also, Madison! How much do I love this California blonde take on Lil Wayne's "Lollipop?" It's so bad girl.
lollipop.mp3 - Madison

And perhaps, most egregious. "We've Got Some Breaking Up To Do" by the Danish group, Private. This song is perfectly 80's and unfortunately, perfectly unavailable in The States. Check out the awesome video below:

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