Friday, August 01, 2008

Fierce Vegetables

After loads of thought and consideration, I have decided to start eating my vegetables -- even if they're ones I don't like, like broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cucumbers... I'll stop here. The list is just too long.

I got a Lemon Pepper salmon and mixed veggie bowl today from this place called Samurai Fusion (sadly, the servers don't even pretend to be Samurais -- that would have been so much fun!) across the street today. The salmon and the rice were banging. The vegetables, which somehow ALL managed to be ones I don't like, had to be choked down. How do you people eat this stuff???

Anyway, this is obviously all to say that I'm having a hard time figuring out which header I like best for the new Fierce and Nerdy site.

I know what you're thinking: "Ernessa, how has somebody who has as many problems making a decision as you do gotten this far in life?"

Answer: No idea, dude.

Still, please weigh in with your thoughts on the below in the comment section.

Thanks and love!





Anonymous said...

I like C

Anonymous said...

I like the third one.

On the veggie side, to get Mr. Debra to eat his broccoli, I sprinkle red pepper flakes on it while I'm steaming it -- it adds a nice kick. Also, if you boil and mash cauliflower, you can pretend it's potatoes!


Zacki said...

I like A and C.... A. tickles my love of big statement graphics while C. is more refined and funky in its color and type.. Most likely I can see you enjoying and sticking with C for a longer run.

mookie said...

i like b. it feels fresh. a is a bit too on the nose for me

Howard L said...

c for sure

Brian said...

Out of those 3, I'm diggin on C, but it feels a little familiar.. like I've seen the font and color scheme before.

Delia said...

b or c most def. i think i would like b better if the title wasn't arched. and...c would be better if the title stood out more rather than the subtitle (the white of the subtitle pops more than the site name itself).