Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Wednesday

So in the midst of watching the Olympics 24/7, I have managed to collect a few random items to discuss on this blog.

Apparently, that cute-as-a-button little girl that sang at the Olympic Opening Ceremony was a front for a not-so-cute little girl doing the real singing behind the curtain. Having played the informal and ultimately unsuccessful game of "Find An Ugly Chinese Child And Take A Picture Of Him Or Her" with my programmates while in China, I am extremely curious to see what the Chinese consider too ugly to sing in front of cameras, because as far as I know this child doesn't exist. Thanks to MKV for sending me the article about this. Read it here.

Not one, not two, but THREE  famous people sightings yesterday. While riding home, I rode past Perez Hilton and his personal trainer (BTW, Perez looks GREAT!!! Apparently, he's really been working out). Now, I'm not one to call out to celebrities -- it's just not done in L.A., but I was on my pink-and-black electric bicycle in my pink helmet and dressed in brown yoga capri pants with a printed yellow top -- in other words, I looked crazy, and probably sounded crazy when I called out, "Love your column!" -- although he has a blog. 

Later in the evening, CH and I went to the ArcLight for Every Other Tuesday Date Night (aka Need to Get Out of the House While Housekeeper Is There, So We Might As Well See a Movie and Have Dinner Night), and during the dinner part of our evening, we saw Felicity Huffman and her husband, William H. Macy, who was sporting a pretty sweet stache. Not to make stalkery observations, but they talked non-stop during dinner. And I thought it was pretty sweet that they still have so much to say to each other.

Just finished listening to The Host, the first adult novel by Stephenie Meyers, which had me in full out book thrall. I was particularly impressed, b/c her first book, Twilight, though completely compelling was not very well-written. However, she must've put in boatloads of work on her craft, because The Host kept me on the edge of my bicycle the entire time, but was also really well written. I love that. Also, the story, which is basically Invasion of the Body Snatchers from one gentle alien body snatcher's point of view, was just brilliant. Can't wait for her next adult novel. Highly recommended.

Last but not least, put out this interesting call for pics of people using their Kindle. 
THE KINDLE IS THE SASQUATCH OF THE BOOK WORLD: There have been dozens of alleged sightings, but have you or anyone you know actually seen either Bigfoot or a an actual person using Amazon's electronic reader? Yet, Citigroup reports that its sales are "better than expected" and predicts that "Amazon will sell up to 380,000 Kindles in 2008, up from a previous forecast of 190,000." Wishful thinking? Crackpot theory? We need non-faked photographic evidence.
As a Kindle owner, at first I was offended by this theory, but then I realized that I myself had never actually seen anyone other than myself using a Kindle. So for what it's worth, here's me on my awesome, beloved Kindle. Feel free to forward it on to Gawker.
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Fi said...

Hey Ernessa!
The picture of the little 'ugly girl' singer was all over British press. She's not that bad!