Tuesday, August 19, 2008

etc's Hitting the 2009/2010 Best Sellers List

I mean, I've been listening to a TON of Lil Wayne, while working on the new girl gang novel. And according to Stereohyped (by way of Hip-Hop DX), Lil Wayne is the Wheaties of Champions:

Michael Phelps listens to Lil Wayne before he competes, with a little Young Jeezy and Jay-Z thrown in. Jamaican track star Dwight Thomas has added Lil Wayne to his pre-race rotation after finding out Phelps secret.
Hoo-yah! Watch out New York Times Best Seller Trade Fiction List! I make it rain -- if by "rain" you mean "cringing while I slip a couple of dollars under a male stripper's greasy thong, and then saying 'please go focus on someone else now. I'm really not into this'." -- which I'm sure is exactly what Lil Wayne intended with that line. Umbrella, baby!

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Shouldn't that be the "Weezie Of Champions"?