Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh no, America!

Just woke up and found out that Bernie Mac died. I adored Bernie Mac. He was consistently funny. His signature angry bug-eyes managed to be comic without being minstrel. And, man oh man, how funny was it when he back-handed EVERYBODY as a Vice Presidential candidate in Head of State?

Everybody's been talking about this supposed Dark Knight curse, so does that mean Transformers is cursed, too, since Shia LeBouf like just rolled that car? If Josh Duhamel and Fergie call off their wedding, you heard the "More Than Meets The Eye Curse" theory here first. If Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green break up, though, that's not the curse, just the universe correcting itself. Frankly, I'm shocked that they've lasted this long. 

Anyway, this is all to say Rest in Peace, Bernie Mac. You started off with nothing, and you did the damn thing. Did it well.

UPDATE: So far I like the obit the best -- even though it doesn't specifically mention him backhanding everybody in Head of State. Read it here.


Monique said...

I am really sad about Bernie Mac. I mean it is funny because I usually make fun of people when they say that they are sad when a celebrity dies because I'm like "you ain't even know them!" But Bernie's story really touched me and I always thought he seemed "real" to me. I am really sad...the comedy world just won't be as funny without Bernie Mac!


Totally sad about Bernie Mac passing away. He was truly talented and it's sad to think that he passed on the way he did. I mean, who really dies from pneumonia nowadays? Just seems so wrong to go out that way, especially when he was relatively young...gotta go read that obit piece you mentioned...