Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Might Actually Have to Watch This

Okay, as many of you know, I'm kind of resigned to being a fan of America's Next Top Model. Yes, it goes against almost every notion of womanhood and feminism that I believe in. Yes, it panders to the lowest common denominator, and yes, Tyra, is bat-shit ridiculous (in a really-smart-laughing-all-the-way-to-the-bank sort of way). But what can I say...
Two or three girls
Has he
That he likes as well as me
But I love him
I dont know why I should
He isnt true
He beats me, too
What can I do?
-- Billie Holliday, "My Man"

Anyway, this all to say, that the obvious ratings bait that is the tranny contestant will probably sucker me in for yet another season. See her intro below. She's cute, but girlfriend needs to work on her ennunciation. I spent much of the 50 seconds, trying to figure out if she had a) braces, b) marbles in her mouth or c) that's just the way she talks.

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