Thursday, July 03, 2008

Braking 2 Electric Bicycloo

Crazy, crazy week. But I'm fully recovered and even biked into work this morning. Some further observations about the electric bicycle:

1. Man, is it nice to have a little electric engine. I love the extra momentum coming out of stops, and it's also nice for when you want to get across an intersection super-quickly.

2. L.A. needs a better system of bike paths and/or better bike streets. I technically live in a biking neighborhood, with lots of biking lanes. But they don't extend very far, and they're non-existent on my ride to work. I'm aware people have been complaining about how un-bike friendly L.A. is for a while now, but since we're probably going to see more people commuting to work in the gas-price-rising years to come, maybe something will finally be done about it. Anyway, the current biking situation is bullshit.

 3. Biking is a great writer's activity. All the repetitive motion. It seems like I come up with 2 or 3 really good plot ideas each way. Which is good, since I'm in the process of starting a new book, which hopefully won't take 3 years to complete.

4. The electric bicycle helps, but won't completely carry you up really steep hills. Ah, nuts. Well I needed to lose a few pounds anyway, and my legs are my hugest trouble spot.

5. Still trying to figure out where to get some kick-ass stickers for my helmet. Might try Wacko's Soap Plantation. 

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