Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ack! Can't believe I forgot to tell you...

CH, ever the perfect husband, got me the perfect gift for our Paper Anniversary (which he let me open one day early b/c I was having such a bad Monday): A KINDLE!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooo excited. I usually go through 2 or 3 books on vacation, so this is going to help me pack lighter. Will definitely blog about it after I use it.

Yes, I said after I use it. You know that it's the week before the holiday and that you are way too stressed and busy when you get an em-effin Kindle on Monday and don't have time to use it until the actual holiday. If I hadn't taken a sick day on Tuesday (on our actual anniversary - so sad), I might have taken a Kindle day -- I'm sure my boss would have understood.

Yeah, I'm a geek. And CH apparently understands that, which is why I love him AND my new Kindle. Just in case I'm not conveying my excitement: Yea!!!!! Double Yea!!!


Monique said...

I think I just found the perfect Christmas gift for my mom! Wow!

Howard L said...

I def want a full report. How clever. Electro-paper.