Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Wednesday

Just for the jolly heck of it. Things that have been making weirdly happy as of late, in no particular order:

1. My new BFF, Kindle.***

2. Tom of Maine's Orange-MangoToothpaste. I now realize how gross all the other flavors were, and will never, ever go back. Plus, no lingering after-taste. Right on!

3. Bumble Bee Lemon & Pepper Tuna Medley. Pretty much the most perfect pre-lunch snack ever. I eat the tuna alone and follow it with the crackers. This is one of those perfect ideas, that you once you've tasted it, you're like, "Why didn't anyone think of this sooner." Especially me, b/c I've been eating plain tuna for awhile now. Now I know how my dad felt, when he first saw technicolor. There's also Italian and Spicy Thai Medleys. Those are tasty, too. But the Lemon and Pepper are the best (in my opin).

4. "Dumb it Down" by Lupe Fiasco. I've had this brilliant album for a few months now, and a few weeks ago, this song just jumped to the forefront. It seems to be one of those freak of nature songs that only gets better the more I listen to it, and I encourage everybody to buy this ish like yesterday. See the just-okay video for this stellar song here.

5. iGoogle Artist Themes: This is basically the trick that got me to change my homepage to iGoogle. Really neat-o if you, like me, much prefer bright, colorful art. If you don't have an iGoogle homepage yet, get on the bandwagon here.

6. Feist on Sesame Street. This one took me by surprise, because before watching it, I didn't think it could be humanly possible for me to love Feist anymore than I already did. But I was wrong about that. So very wrong.

Anyway, if you're having a bad day, watch this, and it will definitely cheer you up. The only thing that could've made this any more perfect is a Count Dracula cameo a-ha-ha-HA!

And as long as we're on the subject of Sesame Street, I'll throw up my other favorite guest singer spot. Do you remember Smokey Robinson and the Letter U? It was funny because it was a large letter "U" and she was sexually harassing him. Check out the vid and Smokey's sweet tache below:

***CORRECTION: I should have said "my new inanimate BFF, Kindle." Monique King-Viehland remains and will always be my animate BFF. Also her son, and my godson, Sekou, is obviously on this list, though of course, that goes without saying since I gushed all over him last weekend.


Monique said...

(a) I'm hurt that I have been replaced by the Kindle as your BFF and (b) my son - your godson - is not listed as one of the things that is making you happy lately.

Ernessa T. Carter said...

MKV, please see the correction.

Monique said...

Ok. Both Sekou and I are feeling a lot better now....much love. By the way, IGoogle is very cool and I just created a very cool homepage. Thanks!