Monday, July 07, 2008

Diving into the Movies

So, we ended a movie drought, with a full on movie plunge. This is how the week went:

Tuesday: Hancock. I took CH to the ArcLight as one of many anniversary activities and told him that he could pick any movie he wanted. I thought he would choose Mongol, but as it turns out, Ghengis was no match for Will. I L.O.V.E.D the twist that all the critics seemed to hate! I thought it was fresh and fun, and really enjoyed the entire movie. So there.

Friday: Wanted. It was hot as frick in Paso Robles, and it was either go to a movie or melt into a chocolate and vanilla swirl puddle on the sidewalk. Loved the direction. Angelina Jolie is so ridiculously hot and kick-ass in this, and they made the very wise choice of giving her very few lines that had more than 3 words. It was all, "Shoot," "Get Down" and "I'm on it." I think her longest line might have been, "This is a bad idea."

Perhaps this director (same guy that did Nightwatch) realized that she is vastly more appealing as a sexy set piece and action figure than as an actual actress (see all of her serious dramas). I call this the Keanu Reeves School of Perfect Casting. Anyway, if you can totally, totally, totally suspend your disbelief (the most egregious plot device might have been when the main character Wesley Gibson types in his name into Google without quotation marks and gets 0 matches. Yeah, right!), then this is a totally, totally, totally awesome movie.

Saturday: Wall-E. Paso Robles was hot on the second day of our trip as well. As ridiculously cute as everyone says it is. Also, I love Mac products, so it's good to know that in the future, all non-trash compactor robots will look like I-Pods. However, my favorite Pixar film remains Ratatouille. Recognize.

Sunday: Persepolis. We went to an outdoor screening of this film. The black and white animation was just gorgeous against the night sky. Everybody go see this outside as soon as you can. Also, the best usage of "Eye of the Tiger" in a film outside of Rocky, that I've ever seen.

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