Friday, July 25, 2008

Macs used to Crash

So yesterday, while I was collating scripts for the show, I realized something about the rest of my life.

Here are a list of the jobs that I have held so far:

1. Office volunteer at the American Red Cross (12-13)

2. Candy Striper - Barnes Hospital (14-15)

3. Retail Clerk - Blockbuster Music [yes, children, Blockbuster used to have a music store chain, back in the early 90's when they were still with Viacom. This is where I first heard the word "synergy" -- if only it had been the last...](17-19)

4. Computer Lab Assistant (all through undergrad-- yes, I was that sullen chyck, that always acted like you were bothering her, when you needed help with your Eudora. And also the one that told you to double-check that you weren't over your mailbox size limit before she would lift a finger to help you. But in all fairness, that was usually the problem, and I was quick to unjam printers, put in new toner with a smile. And when your PC froze or your Mac crashed [yes, children, back in the 90's Macs used to do that. A lot! And for no reason!] and the mid-term essay you had spent several last-minute hours working on disappeared, I was appropriately sympathetic -- even though there were signs all over the labs, urging you to back up your work often on floppy disks, so that you wouldn't be shit out of luck when this happened. Just saying...)

5. English Teacher - Japan (22-23)

6. Temp and freelancer (the pre-grad school Pittsburgh year)

7. Office Slave(the post grad school years)

8. Executive Writer (American Top 40 w/ Ryan Seacrest)(now)

So 8 - 10 jobs so far, not including internships, and only one of them (Blockbuster Music) didn't require the collating of paper.

I realized yesterday that I will probably be collating shit until the day I die. And so will you. Think about it.

Anyway, rest in peace, Randy Pausch:

Fun (but perhaps not appropriate) Fact: This is the same auditorium where I first saw (and fell in love with) Hedwig and the Angry Inch (the movie).


Confessions of a BAP said...

Good lord that's true...

Zacki said...

You and me both! I ended up at that screening cause I just wanted a quick break from model building and it was one of the best choices I made while in Pittsburgh heheheehe Sadly, its also where I saw Legally Blonde during grad school and was forever changed... If the ditsy blonde could take the reins and kick ass in grad school, I sure as hell could too. I was a little down that day, but I can now say that movie changed my life.

Ernessa T. Carter said...

Zack! I love that we both fell in love with the same movie at the same time and didn't even know it.