Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bridezilla Botox

Okay, as many of you know, I nearly got into a knock-down dragout with my sister, because she didn't want to get her makeup professionally done at MAC for my wedding. Emotions ran high, threats were made, and at one point, we were both crying. Hard. Eventually, she caved, as she should've since I was the bride in this situation, and if she ever wants me to look crazy in self-applied make-up at her wedding, then I will be fine with that.

However, if anyone ever asked me to get Botox in order to be in their wedding party, I would be like, "Bitch, please. You have obviously lost your damn mind, and we are no longer friends." That would be my answer, I don't care if I was 70 -- I'd answer just like that.

But apparently, there are currently brides who are actually pulling this shit on their bridesmaids and getting away with it. Read about the trend here, and please note that none of the people featured in this article are black.

A professionally made-up but un-Botoxed MKV and Liz at my wedding.

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